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Written on:September 9, 2014
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Web of Stories began as an archive of life stories told by some of the great scientists of our time. As the number of stories grew, it became obvious that some were on related topics and a web was slowly being created of connected stories. After a while we also invited famous people outside the field of science to tell their life stories.

Our aim has been to provide an archive of stories from people who have influenced our world. Imagine, in a hundred years’ time, future generations being able to watch people like Stan Lee, Doris Lessing or James Watson telling stories about their lives and their achievements. You can find us here: Web of Stories

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We are a small but very dedicated team. Feel free to email us ( or leave a comment here, if you have any feedback. We promise to read it, even if we can’t respond immediately. You can also find us on Twitter (@webofstories) and Facebook!

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  1. Susan says:

    Wow!!!! I have just discovered this webpage, signposted by Carlo Rovelli in relation to John Wheeler.
    This looks absolutely fascinating and inspiring!!,
    Thank you so much for both the inspiration and the dedication in enabling this array of such interesting, eclectic people to share their stories with us.
    This is so motivating!
    Thank you, thank you from the UK.
    All very good wishes,

  2. Nathaniel Comfort says:

    Hi, I am a historian of science and medicine at Johns Hopkins. Just discovered your site. Some great material here!

    Can you tell me the date(s), location(s), and interviewer for the James Watson interview?


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